"To me, interiors should not be about the latest vogue; it should be about people and their lifestyles." – Kiren Kaur

Having an ancestral line working in the field of building technology, enabled me to realise my need to impact people's way of living through interior design by associating their emotions with their everyday lives in the spaces they choose to live in. Designing interiors effectively for the range of human activities and allowing one to become spatially aware is an entity I have been investigating for several years.

Prior to graduating in Interior Design from Cambridge SA / Anglia Ruskin University, I have been exposed to various clients in the creative industry and have been fortunate to co-ordinate projects ranging from exhibition to installations, commercial and residential design as well as lighting, furniture and product design. I also co-ordinate nationwide backstage wedding exhibitions, delegate make up artists working in bridal training academies and direct a team of 3 photographers in my freelance photography.